Chapter Excellence Program

The Chapter Excellence Program (CEP) is the single best way to ensure you have a successful SkillsUSA chapter.

The Chapter Excellence Program takes the guess work out of what it looks like to be a healthy SkillsUSA chapter. It provides the requirements and indicators that meet the standards for success and prepares members for career readiness as defined in the SkillsUSA Framework.

The Chapter Excellence Program honors chapter achievement relative to SkillsUSA’s framework of developing personal, workplace and technical skills. The framework actualizes SkillsUSA’s mission “to empower members to become world-class workers, leaders and responsible American citizens.” It also serves as the blueprint for career readiness — our ultimate goal as an organization. By centering on industry demands, the framework builds the foundation for relevant and intentional student learning and employability skill development.

Paramount to framework success is the implementation of an effective program of work — SkillsUSA’s planning tool for chapters. By participating in program of work activities, SkillsUSA chapters become conduits for meaningful student growth. Students take part in the planning, organization and implementation of activities, which develops their skills and builds character. The CEP recognizes these efforts by offering every chapter an opportunity to attain measurable competencies in pursuit of framework objectives.

How does my chapter or section get involved?

Every chapter or section with paid membership is eligible to participate in the CEP. There is no fee or cost associated with participation. Chapters should participate in the CEP on an annual basis. Most likely, your chapter already has an active program of work, and this is your opportunity to be recognized. The CEP application specifically outlines how chapter success is measured.

How does the CEP work?

The CEP establishes a quality baseline that all chapters will be encouraged to attain with extra incentive for exemplary chapter performance. The program consists of three award levels, with the first two levels recognized by the state and the final level eligible for national recognition.

  • First Level — Honors chapters for achieving essential standards of excellence as a “Quality Chapter.”
  • Second Level — Recognizes chapters that go beyond baseline requirements with bronze, silver, and gold “Chapters of Distinction” awards. This recognition is awarded by the state association at a state-level event such as the State Leadership and Skills Conference. All chapters receiving a gold award will be invited to the National Leadership and Skills Conference and recognized alongside the program sponsor at a reception. Up to the top 10 percent of all chapters in each state that receive the gold award will be eligible for selection as a Models of Excellence chapter.
  • Third Level — Honors the very best chapters through “Models of Excellence” awards. These chapters are identified on the national level and define excellence. Best practices will be gleaned from the award winners and shared with the field to serve as models for other chapters to emulate in strengthening their local programs.

The CEP is focused on the learning and skills developed as a result of chapter involvement versus honoring chapters by the number of activities they employ throughout the year. The award application is written and presented in a manner that supports evidence of these findings.

Apply the SkillsUSA Framework to achieve CEP standards.