SkillsUSA Maine was chartered as a State Association of SkillsUSA on April 21, 1966.

SkillsUSA Maine engages our chapters in leadership and employability opportunities as an integral component of CTE instruction. We are recognized by industry, state agencies and local school divisions as a solution to career readiness and closing the skills gap.

Over 5,000 SkillsUSA students are involved annually and all are engaged in SkillsUSA Framework activities and employability skills training and assessment. Our students, educators and partners are rewarded and recognized for their support of our mission.

Our mission and program is supported through funding from public and private sources and we are viewed as a pipeline solution for business and industry across Maine. Our communities are better and the lives of our students are improved as a result of our efforts.


SkillsUSA Maine is here to provide opportunities for 21st Century personal, workplace, and technical skills development, grounded in academics to CTE- focused students, advisors, alumni and industry partners.


The SkillsUSA Maine Championships is the state-level competition for high school and college students enrolled in trade, technical, and skilled service instructional programs including allied health occupations. SkillsUSA Maine believes this is the single greatest event of industry and education volunteerism in the state every year.

SkillsUSA Framework

The SkillsUSA Framework illustrates how students fulfill the mission of the organization “to empower members to become world-class workers, leaders and responsible American citizens”, by it’s impact on the lives of America’s future workforce through the development of personal, workplace and technical skills that are grounded in academics.


Membership is required for participation in SkillsUSA events at the State and National Levels. Any student enrolled in a Career-Technical Education Program, the schools faculty, staff and Administration, and members of business and industry are eligible to join SkillsUSA.

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