For Advisors


Personal Leadership Inventory

The Personal Leadership Inventory is a FREE series of self-assessments SkillsUSA members may use to evaluate and grow important skills for life and career.

Chapter Activity Planner

The Chapter Activity Planner is a FREE tool that makes planning and conducting chapter activities fun and effective.

Ideas for Marketing Your Chapter

You know the value of SkillsUSA and all it does for students, but how do you communicate that effectively to a variety of audiences? How do you promote the relevance and successes of your SkillsUSA chapter and students? How do you create a demand for your program?

Recruiting Ideas

Wouldn’t it be great if you could snap your fingers and instantly have an active SkillsUSA chapter established, one where 100 percent of your students were members and where a program of work was in operation? To achieve that amount of success, it may take a little song and dance, too.