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Culinary Arts Contest

March 8

The contest will be a little different this year. Traditionally recipes have been sent out prior to the contest. This year, instead of a predetermined menu, there will be a “mystery” basket for every contestant. All baskets will be the same as well as a stocked pantry for all to use from. Some items will be labeled for identification, other will not be labeled. The contest will focus on cooking methods and processes not just practicing the same old recipes. The contestants will need to demonstrate food knowledge as well as sound knife skills and proper food service sanitation. Contestants will have to turn in a hand written menu to be placed at their judging station prior to 10am. The menu should consist of a description of the items to follow. Writing utensils and paper will be provided. Do not bring recipes. All of the mystery items must be used in some form, in the dishes. They can all be used in one dish, spread throughout the three dishes, or used in multiple dishes, but some of all of the items must be used. Be Creative, have fun, use the knowledge you’ve learned…..again, have fun, let your instructors do the worrying………

The contestants will be judged on:

  1. Uniform (10 points)
  2. Resume (10 points)
  3. Food safety and sanitation (15 points)
  4. Food knowledge (10 points)
  5. Timing (10 points)
  6. Creativity (10 points)
  7. Execution of cooked items (Flavor, appearance, seasoning, use of mystery ingredients) (30 points)
  8. Written menu (5 points)

100 points total

Contestants will have to produce:

Salad– 2 plated identical plates

Emulsified Dressing with Greens and appropriate garnish/garnishes

Should be a dressed salad with a side dish of just dressing for judging emulsification

Soup Production– 1 quart min, 1.5 quart max

2 soup cups for presentation

Composed meal– 2 portions ( Protein, Starch, Vegetable )

Knife Cuts

Vegetable cuts:

Mirepoix for soup

2 oz julienne

¼ c. Brunoise

4 oz batonette

Chicken Fabrication

-breaking down of a whole chicken

(Statler Breast, Leg and thigh Separated, wing tip removed, Oyster attached).

-Absolutely NO outside food product is allowed. All food, dry goods and specialty items will be provided.

Contest timeline

-Culinary Arts kitchen at UTC will be open for contestants at 6:15am

-Contestants need to be in the kitchen by 6:30am and can set up their stations

-Contest will start at 7am sharp

-Knife cuts, Handwritten menu, and Chicken Break down can be judged anytime before the first course is due at 10am

-Dressed salad with a dish of dressing due at 10:30 sharp

-Entree with all components due at 11:00

-Finished soup due at 11:30

In addition to the equipment listed in the Culinary Arts Equipment and Materials on the national website the contestants should also bring:

2 Portable butane stoves & fuel

Sauce pans & covers for saucepans

Fry pans

Cutting boards

Knives and smallwares (i.e. whisks, spatulas, spoons.)

Measuring utensils

Strainer or sieve

Side towels

Cleaning & Sanitation Chemicals WILL be Provided—- Please bring own Buckets !


All food ingredients will be provided.

All contestants are responsible for cleaning up the kitchen and putting all of the product away.

Anyone that leaves before being dismissed by Chef Flewelling will be disqualified.

National Equipment list

Knife kit and cook’s tools as desired from the following:

  1. French cook’s knife
  2. Paring knife
  3. Vegetable peeler
  4. Knife steel
  5. Boning knife
  6. Cook’s fork
  7. Slicing knife (meat)
  8. Serrated slicing knife
  9. Fillet knife
  10. Utility knife
  11. Offset spatula
  12. Cook’s tongs (8–12 in.) Continued on next page.
  13. Meat thermometer (pocket type)
  14. Rolling pin
  15. Piping bags and tips
  16. Molds or timbales
  17. Silt pats
  18. Timer or clock
  19. Small mesh strainer
  20. Oven thermometer
  21. Food handler gloves
  22. Hair net(s)
  23. Cheesecloth
  24. Whisk
  25. Kitchen spoons
  26. Stainless steel mixing bowls
  27. Professional cook’s tool kit:
    1. Citrus zester
    2. Channel knife
    3. Parisienne scoop
    4. Apple corer
    5. Canapé or biscuit cutters
    6. Plastic squeeze bottles

By no means do you need all of this, please use your best discretion and bring tools you are comfortable cooking with. NO ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES. UTC will provide plates and bowls, but feel free to bring your own if you like.

Here is a list of items that may be in the mystery basket for
SkillsUSA Culinary Arts Competition March 8th, 2019
Mystery items (not all items will be in the basket. 4-6 max. All “baskets” will be the same) what is in the basket is all you will get, if you drop it, burn it, or lose it, it’s gone. Points deductions will be made if you don’t use an item. Items in the mystery basket will not be available with the pantry items. The list is to inspire creativity, but also there will be items on there which will take great care and restraint to use successfully.

1. Tofu

2. Blood orange

3. Chicken stock

4. Chicken livers

5. Red onion

6. Duck breast

7. Shallots

8. Haddock Fillet

9. Napa cabbage

10. Shiso

11. Oyster sauce

12. Maple syrup

13. Pasta

14. Arborio rice

15. Eggs

16. Sausage

17. Beef Shoulder Clod

18. Grape leaves

19. Lobster meat

20. Sour Cream

21. Red Snapper (Whole)

22. Pea Shoots

23. Crab meat

24. Capers

25. Ground beef

26. Italian sausage

27. Peanut Butter

28. Wild Mushrooms

29. Artichoke

30. Kale

31. Beets

32. Goat cheese

33. Octopus

34. Lamb Rack

35. Potato Flakes

36. Cheese Curds

37. Pearl onions

38. Avocado

39. Honey

40. Tuna

41. Red Cabbage

42. Frozen Strawberries

43. Pineapple juice

44. Pork Belly

45. Slab Bacon

46. Layflat bacon

47. Dates

48. Popcorn

49. Snow Peas

50. Apples

Also a list of pantry items. (subject to change due to availability)

  1. AP flour
  2. Bread Flour
  3. Sugar
  4. Brown Sugar
  5. Misc Dry herbs and spices
  6. Dijon mustard
  7. Long grain rice
  8. Butter
  9. Milk
  10. Cream
  11. Lard
  12. Olive oil
  13. Canola oil
  14. Fiore olive oils
  15. Fiore Vinegars
  16. Sweet peppers
  17. Hot peppers
  18. Onions
  19. Celery
  20. Carrots
  21. Potatoes

Again, the new format of this contest is to inspire creativity and to showcase cooking skills. The idea of the items being a mystery is to hopefully instill sound cooking skills and technique. Contestants should have a good understanding of cooking methods, internal cooking temperatures of proteins, sound vegetable and starch cooking methods, knife skills, ingredient identification, and proper food service sanitation.



March 8
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